“My work is my passion!”

How did you start as an agent?

Tamara Laurey: “After working in this industry as a representative for many years I wanted to become a self-employed entrepreneur again, as I used to be. Casamance gave me the opportunity to continue my work as an agent. As a result, I can combine my entrepreneurship with my passion for colour, patterns, textures and textiles.”

Could you tell us something about the brands?

“The Casamance Group is part of a French family business and manages three brands, including Casamance. This is a modern brand, both in terms of price and accessibility. At the same time, Casamance is also distinctive in terms of quality and weaving techniques. The many awards we have won are evidence of this. Every year, Casamance launches a spring and autumn collection.”
MISIA is the latest brand to be presented in our showroom at the spring fair. MISIA is inspired by French style tradition and draws on the free, avant-garde world of the Parisian twenties: playful and creative, provocative and bold, tasteful and sophisticated.

What aspects of your work are the most fun?

“What I enjoy the most is the combination of beautiful products and the contact with the customer. Most customers are extremely friendly and enthusiastic people. When I call them for an appointment they say: how nice, when are you coming? Or they call me when they have a project. In actuality, this means you’re building a future relation with each other.”

Is there a particular style that speaks to you?

“I love seeing a mix of styles that are in harmony. I prefer that over one particular style, which can be a bit boring. I don’t mind an interior being a bit exciting, it’s okay if certain objects stand out.”

Why did you choose ETC Design Center Europe?

“I believe that if you bundle your strengths, you come out stronger together. Together you can attract and serve more customers.”

What does the future of the industry look like?

“People increasingly often opt for quality and want to see craftsmanship reflected in their products. That’s why I believe the future of the higher segment is very rosy.”