Capiton Agencies

“I only work with products and brands that make me happy”

What characterises your businesses?

Anne-Bauk Nunnikhoven: “I think it’s fantastic that a company like Gilles Nouailhac is still around. They create everything with attention and craftsmanship. The furniture you see in my showroom are actual works of art, made with a lot of love. The wooden torsos are stitched by hand and patinated in France, something which is rarely done these days.
Miral Deco is a quality brand that I love working with. It really has its own place in the market. Miral Deco is originally a French product and, partly thanks to the beautiful patines, the futniture exudes both charm and nonchalance. One great thing is that customisation is very much possible. So you can always deliver custom-made products.”

Why is craftsmanship important to you?

“These days, the market is flooded with many products that are more of the same and also of low quality, but which are nevertheless expensive. I believe we’re at a point now where customers want to enjoy their furniture for a longer period of time.

How would you combine your collections in an interior?

“You can make Gilles Nouailhac furniture as classic as you’d like. But you can also add a crazy fabric or modern patine to it. When you’re creating a tight interior, such a piece of furniture can add a whole new dimension to the look. Mixing furniture is highly exciting, which is exactly what any interior needs. I believe the use of beautiful fabrics allows furniture to stand out more in any interior. The same applies for Miral Deco.”

Why did you choose to exhibit at ETC Design Center Europe?

“Comfort is very important, especially for seating furniture. You can’t just buy something because it looks nice. So I was looking for a showroom area. Of course, you could open a showroom in a town somewhere, but if you’re not very well known yet, you have to make sure people can and will find you. Fifteen years ago I started with a small stand, which always suited me well. People can find virtually anything here. There is a lot to see and everything is of high quality. I believe that it the power of ETC Design Center Europe. There is a lot of choice and it’s all just very inspiring.”

What interior trends are we likely to see a lot of in the near future?

“I notice people are getting a bit tired of the grey, plain period and that people are looking for a bit more colour in their homes. That’s why I present a variety of materials and fabrics here. I hope that they will inspire my customers. There is so much available in terms of fabrics, a lot of which is actually never used. For a long time, people opted for the safe option and I really hope we’re about to enter a new period. I also think people’s desire for quality is larger than ever. People really want to invest in something beautiful.”