“We always aim to be innovative and trend-setting.”

Could you tell us something about the background of the company?

Patrick Heijnen: “Arte was founded in Belgium in 1981. All collections are developed in-house and most of them are also produced in the factory in Belgium. Hooked on Walls is a brand that we introduced to the market about seven years ago. It is specifically aimed at specialised stores and interior decorators.”

What makes the company unique?

“We make wall coverings that nobody else can make. In addition, we always use unique materials. Our designers pay the same attention to design elements as the applicability of the wall covering.”

Why did Arte decide to exhibit at ETC Design Center Europe?

“ETC Design Center Europe is the number one platform in the Netherlands where a large part of our target group comes together. As a result, we can maintain excellent contact here and showcase our products in a good way.”

What does the future of the interior design profession look like?

“Sales will increasingly go through architects and decorators.”

Do you have any tips for customers who want to buy a wallpaper?

“Make sure you get proper advice and always keep in mind how you’re going to apply it.”