Arie Garden Architecture

“We design in close collaboration with the customers so that architecture and your personality are reflected in the garden.”

Approach to design

Characteristic of Arie’s design studio is its striking approach to work, which always closely involves the customer. “The collaboration with the customers is central to every project,” Arie explains.
“By closely involving the customers in the creative process of design, we are able to translate ideas into beautiful garden design and surprise customers with innovative insights and concepts.
We not only look at the wishes of the customer, but also pay special attention to his/her tastes, personality and lifestyle. These aspects are often already reflected in their home design.
Together with the practical matters such as size of the garden and budget, these aspects form the basis of our garden design.
As garden architects, it is important to transform feeling and atmosphere into a garden that reflects that back. And, of course, a garden that seamlessly connects to the tastes, personality and lifestyle of customers, allowing for a unique interplay between interior and exterior.

The design studio

Arie van der Hout studied at Wageningen University and gained extensive experience at a number of engineering firms. This experience proved to be a very good foundation for the founding of a private architectural firm. In 2006, Arie started designing public spaces for municipalities and garden designs for individuals.
These days, his own passion for gardens is reflected in his medium-sized design studio, which focuses both on national and international projects.
The uniqueness of the client and identity of the home and direct environment are crucial to the design process. Intensive interactions between client and architect are essential to the completion of a garden. This creates the right level of involvement and, ultimately, the most beautiful results.
Our motivation is to create unique garden designs, in which we can transform customer demands into surprising, innovative and especially attractive gardens.