Anne van den Heuvel

“Color is the bridge between darkness and sunlight”

After graduating (2001) from the Sint Joost Academy in Breda, I started my artistic practice and I work at the intersection of autonomous and applied arts, and on commission.
I enjoy working with and for people and have a predilection for working with textiles and understand the art of making my work part of the interior.

I ‘de-dull’ and let spaces communicate through the unique use of color, material, and shape in combination with the intrinsic properties of the environment. In this way, I create appealing living and working spaces with their own identity that surround, inspire and motivate people.

My artworks are characterized by color, layering, relief, and XL format. They are not only warm and soft but also have a favorable effect on the acoustics and are extremely suitable for use in various architectural spaces.
From public spaces to personal living spaces. In reception areas and stairwells. In offices, consultation rooms, and meeting rooms. In healthcare facilities and practices. In hotels, lobbies, showrooms, and shopping environments.

Monk’s work
A monk lives in me; the execution of my designs is quite labor-intensive and requires many repetitions. That feels almost meditative and in full focus.

Commissioned but free
The assignments I receive are very diverse. The desire for sparkle, warmth, color, or visual identity. Acoustic matters. Open questions; “This is our company, it feels dull here, what would you do?”, or “Here we are building a relaxation room for a psychiatric children’s ward, we think your work is cool, do you want to make something?” … and so much more. No request is beyond the pale for me. Bring it on. It is for good reason that I have drawn the consequence of being an artist. Here, I am completely in my element. I seem to have a kind of antenna with which I ensure a spot-on finetuning of my artwork to the environment, without losing the authentic artistry.

Layering, structures, repetition
All my work is fueled by one fascination: structures. I research structures in the broadest sense of the word and am fascinated by contrast, overlap, rhythm, logic, repetition, relief, and proportion. In this, I find inexhaustible sources of inspiration.

Acoustic Couture: those nice felt blocks
The felt wall artworks often stand out in my oeuvre. People sometimes ask me; “You’re the lady from those nice blocks, aren’t you?”
That’s right, I am. I make my felt works from 100% wool felt and these are characterized by relief and layering, XL format, and color. Colors in layers. Like English licorice allsorts. But different.
From a color explosion to a work in tone-on-tone. From tightly framed shapes to flared separate blocks on the wall.
Counting, building, repeating, stacking, organizing, connecting. The basic concept that I develop often returns to a rhythmic interplay of squares, blocks, pixels, lines, stripes, layers, relief, light, and shadow.

Divine Acoustics: warp & weft
I also design jacquard woven tapestries. Sometimes I combine weaving with hand-embroidered details. With this, I can make beautiful structures. Graphic and organic images in a diversity of color, contrast, softness, and layering. Interesting textures arise in yarn and material combinations.
The double texture has 2 ‘good’ sides so that I can often make beautiful combinations by using 2 sides of the fabric.

Customization, that’s what it’s all about
The wishes, ideas, and stories of the client and the possibilities that the space offers are the starting points with which my inspiration will flow. The possibilities are endless. From size XXS to XXL. Hanging or standing, against the wall, mounted or freely hanging.
From a color explosion to white on white… and everything in between. Custom and by color, within budget, suitable for every interior.

The process starts with an introduction, in the studio or on-site.

Curious? Don’t hesitate to call!