Albert Potgieter

“Look and Feel Designs”

The Optique Furniture series consists of furniture pieces with “look and feel”. It is designed as a combination of art and furniture, taking advantage of the repetition of simple lines and patterns to create something more complex and appealing to the eye.

Each piece of furniture is handmade and, therefore, unique. It is formed by using smaller pieces of wood to discover and create the unique shapes and patterns that the wood has to offer.

“Look and Feel designs”, that is the slogan and the way Albert Potgieter designs. Albert was a licensed physiotherapist in South Africa for six years before he and his wife moved to Rotterdam. He started the company in 2017, but because of his background in physiotherapy, he continued to use the skills he was taught (to look and feel) in designing his furniture pieces.

The Optique furniture range is in line with this design style.
The vision of Albert Potgieter Designs is to create unique pieces of furniture that change the atmosphere in your home.