“l'imperfection because life cannot be made. Luxury handmade products produced in the Netherlands in a socially responsible manner”

ZeBBz is a new colorful interior and fashion brand from Dutch soil with luxury handmade products linked to a mission: to create more awareness for the very rare BBSOAS syndrome and to contribute to the NR2F1 Foundation to enable more research.
You can recognize a real Zebbz by the luxurious quality and of course the zebra ribbon, which symbolizes rare syndromes! The products consist of crazy prints, but also beautiful basics. Feel free to come and have a look at the stand.

ZeBBz also visits customers’ homes on request. With their home accessories such as cushions, plaids, tablecloths, and much more, they look at which Zebbz best match the interior. See how it can give your interior a boost directly in your own home. Combine colors and prints to create a wonderful Zebbz interior or go for something a bit calmer instead? Everything is possible!