Jopie Biesters

“My fantasy beings are an essential view of the existing world”

Jopie Biesters’ work consists of meticulous objects, ingenious sculptures, and photos in which animals are given a new life with human characteristics.
She develops her creations with great precision. Sometimes a magnifying glass is needed to see all the details. By creating recognizable situations or attributing human characteristics to the vulnerable, she sees herself as an interpreter between the human world and the world of the defenseless.

She works with different types of materials and is inspired by things that she collects herself, for example, old utensils that already have a soul.
Many see the discarded animals or skeletons as emotionless or expressionless, but she lets the animals and materials tell their story in an intuitive way. “I play a child again and from that childlike innocence I give the animals a second life in a naive and loving way”. In this way, the works become self-portraits of her inner world.

With a lot of patience and surgical precision, insects receive prostheses, new eyes, and other limbs. The creatures created not only evoke a smile but also invite one for reflection.
We live in a world where the destructive power of human industrialization and consumption is everywhere. Disposable plastic products are becoming an alarming part of nature. We all know those disturbing images of sea turtles entangled in plastic six-pack beer packs or the plastic-filled guts of seagulls or fish. Jopie Biesters deals with current events with her wonderful work.