Royals & Rebels

“Contrary and a bit cheeky, with focus on upcoming talent in contemporary art”

Royals and Rebels is a young art label for art, design and interior. Founder Kim van Oirschot, born in Tilburg and living in Goirle, appeals to a new rebellious generation of art lovers and collectors. For example, Sander Foppele (former actor in the series ‘Onderweg Naar Morgen’) and Wendy Buiter (social influencer with more than 75,000 Instagram followers) joined the label in addition to countless other upcoming talents and world-famous You Tuber Nikkie Tutorials recently owns a work by R&R artist Jorn van Hoorn.

“I want to connect more and more (young) people – in the business market and beyond – with the art world”.

Royals and Rebels was founded with the aim of creating a stage for emerging homegrown artists. “Within the Dutch borders there is a lot of talent that can be seen”, says Kim van Oirschot, the face behind Royals and Rebels and art lover with over 10 years of experience in the profession.

“Royals and Rebels is unruly and a bit cheeky, with a focus on new talent in contemporary art. Because they are still young, but promising artists, the price tag is favorable.”