“Where Art, Magic & Memories meet”

What’s your story?
Do you remember that happy, magical feeling that you felt for your toys as a child? We bring the stories you created as a child back to life in our art. Art that you can keep fantasizing about.

Toiz originated from a combination of two worlds. I never thought that we would be playing with toys again after 20 years. The same magic we experienced as a child, we now feel when seeing art. We create luxury toys for adults. And the magic of our art? That is the love that binds us.

“The bear necessities”
Meet Balú, our big little friend who likes to adapt to your interior. He can easily be placed anywhere because of his size. Due to his different designs, he fits in any interior.

“Every age needs its toys”
Toiz Play‘s artful figures are playful and mobile. Thus applicable within any interior due to their mobility. Cheerful and chic. Modern and authentic. Each style is applicable and always makes the art figures unique.

“Impressive light”
Our lamps are our great pride. They show how the playfulness of art and the magic of toys come together. Want to see your favorite childhood heroes shine like new again? Then take a look at Toiz Lightning.