Fractions namens Unilux

“High-quality products deserve all the attention, both from us as a producer and from the customer. Fractions are unique, custom-made products. Made with dedicated attention.”

There are many ways for determining daylight entry and subsequently, how to create atmosphere in a room. The fractions made by Unilux offer a whole new dimension to this and allow you to enjoy the playful way in which daylight can be arranged. You can change the way the light falls or how it appears in quickly and easily. You can set the mood yourself, again and again. Thanks to their unique design, Fractions are extremely suitable for giving any room a modern and stylish atmosphere. The sleek, eye-catching panels ensure a luxurious look.

All Fractions are custom-made by Unilux in its own factory in Boxtel. This means that dimensional stability and quality can always be guaranteed. Sawing, construction, powder coating, assembly, and preparing for shipment are all are stages in the production process over which they have control. “We act based upon the goal of always delivering the best product with the best quality. That has been traditionally been our thought process for the development of insect protection” says CEO Patrick van Loosbroek. “But frankly, considering our knowledge of the market and the material expertise of our specialists, you really shouldn’t expect anything less from us,” he proudly continues.

About Unilux

Since 1990, Unilux has been a reliable partner in sun and insect protection. Unilux stands for quality, innovation, openness, and Dutch design; Made in Holland. Unilux supplies premium, custom-made products and is constantly looking for improvements and new solutions to offer the end user the only the very best. As a result, ease of use, quality, design, and attention to detail are paramount. In 2013, Unilux achieved a milestone with the introduction of the worldwide patented Plisséfit: The new standard in quality screens. Fractions and Windowstylist were launched in 2015.