“The world is constantly changing. Textile changes. Reynaldo continuously adapts.”

What characterises a true Reynaldo?

Pierre ter Veer: “The Reynaldo collections are very contemporary. The world is constantly changing. Textile changes. Reynaldo continuously adapts. The changes of today shape the trends of tomorrow. Day by day, we see the rise of new trends and the disappearance of old ones. Reynaldo’s task is to translate current trends into a contemporary range of unique furniture and curtain fabrics. Our emotions and feelings are reflected in our products. The result is the unique Reynaldo collection.”

How does the process from trend to prototype work?

“So many trends, so many possibilities. Our story is very clear. We start by identifying the current trends. Reynaldo closely observes and experiences the world. On the basis of these trends, we tell our own story. The story of our collection. Our collection is all about focus, the right decisions and focused spotlights. The prototypes tell the beginning of our stories. This beginning almost naturally leads us into the following chapter. From there we start to create exact lines, clear shapes and final designs. We make decisions and continue to write our story. In later stages we give our stories meaning, tension and excitement – this leads to a unique collection. This is imply a matter of concentration, creativity and continuity. Each design tells it own story, always based on early prototypes. So many designs, so many chapters. All of them combined form our story; our collection.”

How does a new collection originate?

“Designs, materials, colours and patterns; piece by piece create the chapters of our story. Every detail deserves our full attention; from stitches, finishing and materials to colouring, style and atmosphere. A long process, in which we create the story of our collection step by step. On the road to the final chapter, we continuously focus on cohesion, underlying philosophies and the meaning of our collection.”