Odd Collection

“Be Odd, think different.”

How did you end up in the interior design sector?

I’ve been working with furniture for 22 years now. About 21 years ago I started my own furniture shop in Raamsdonksveer/Geertruidenberg in Noord Brabant.

How was Odd Collection founded?

Odd Collection was founded on the basis of specific demands of customers in my shop. They were increasingly looking for tailor-made products and wanted something different than the standard offerings.

What inspires you?

My travels inspire me, but I also discover a lot of unique objects and furniture combinations during regular walks through my town.

What makes your company unique?

What makes Odd Collection unique is that we have a different approach when it comes down to the basic elements of furniture. “Be Odd Think Different”

How did you end up at ETC Design Center Europe?

As a retailer, I regularly visited ETC Design Center Europe. When I launched Odd Collection in August last year, ETC Design Center Europe was the first place where I wanted to exhibit my pieces.