Maad International B.V.

“We think, design and produce solutions…”

Just as you choose furniture, producing furniture also requires a great accumulation, passion and pleasure. Considering all these things, we produce to stay up to date and stay ahead in the market.

Maad offers exclusive furniture design and manufacturing services as well as unique collaborations. Your imaginations are brought to life with specialist craftsmanship in our facility, which has furniture, decoration and production equipment in line with European standards. Maad also offers creative solutions for working environments with furniture and mass housing projects.
While offering solutions for any kind of structures such as offices, administrative buildings, banks, health centres, hotels and recreational facilities, Maad transforms many areas, like working, meeting, waiting, welcoming, and service areas, to environments where people dream freely.

“Touches giving life to wood, glass, metal, fabric and stone”

Qualified furniture does not only consist of wood. In order to create luxurious furniture, it is necessary to use different materials together such as glass, brass, iron, copper, bronze, marble, granite, onyx, quartz, corian, concrete, and ceramic. Maad is a furniture workshop that can work with different materials and offer different solutions rather than just be a woodworking workshop. Maad can produce one piece of classic furniture as well as pallet-based furniture as a contract manufacturing company.

Maad Furniture is more than a furniture workshop. Our team of architects and interior architects creates a soul for space rather than creating furniture for space. Whether you are in classical or modern style, our goal is to design, project and produce the most appropriate and accurate solutions blending today’s technology with space for your needs.