Linde Agenturen – Kitchens & Kitchens appliances

“We only sell kitchens and kitchen appliances that make us very happy”

After years of working as an agent in the kitchen industry, I decided to open a showroom in the ETC Design Center in 2020 with, among other things, Alpes Inox stainless steel kitchens and Fhiaba kitchen appliances. Both companies produce custom work in their own factory, and their high-quality workmanship and the love for their profession have stolen my heart. In the ETC Design Center, I can introduce the interior world to these beautiful brands. We represent:

Alpes Inox kitchens
Timeless, and because they are completely made of stainless steel and wood, they will last a lifetime. Super durable and therefore completely contemporary. The kitchens are entirely modular. You can easily take them with you when you move house and even add modules if you wish.

Fhiaba refrigerators and wine storage cabinets
Top of the bill. With over 50 years of experience, Fhiaba produces technically very advanced cooling systems with a beautiful finish. An asset for the discerning food lover. Different models are available in a wide variety of colors. Even special compartments for storing cheese, hams, and cigars at serving temperature are integrated into a compartment of the wine storage cabinets.

Fisher & Paykel drawer dishwashers
No more annoying doors and bending over, just one or two drawers.

Le Chai
Wine storage cabinets in many different sizes, built-in and freestanding.

Agrilution herb cabinets
Always have fresh herbs in the kitchen, how nice is that.