Hoffz Interiors

“Hoffz originated from a lack of beautiful furniture and accessories in a rustic, sober style.”

What characterises Hoffz’ style?

Carola van der Weide: “Hoffz Interiors combines beautiful old finds with characteristic and unique designs. The hand made furniture and home accessories are sturdy with a sleek effect, but at the same time have soft curves. With her original designs, Carola van der Weide gives the brand its own trademark.”

What does your collection consist of?

Carola van der Weide: “We offer a complete product line; tables, cabinets, couches and chairs, but also mirrors, lamps and other decorative items. We design 95% of these products ourselves. We consciously opt for quality and are not interested in serial works or mass production. My sketches are used to create samples. Afterwards, I continue to tinker with these designs, both literally and figuratively. Sometimes I sit in a factory for hours mixing all sorts of finishes. I literally sit there until I find the perfect look.”

What materials do you use?

“Hoffz Interieur always uses natural and solid materials. Wood, iron and glass of high quality. Linen, cotton and velours for the most beautiful upholstery. The look is always sleek and the colours are subdued. The iron is refined in such a way that it has and older look. On the other hand, our wood is always pure.”

Is sustainability part of your production process?

“We only choose sustainable products, manufactured by fair trade partners, with respect for people and nature.”