HaWé Outdoor

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

HaWé Outdoor has brought together a number of partners and brands that can realise the luxury of outdoor life with you. Complete design and construction of your garden or design and installation of a garden house/canopy to complete furnishing with furniture are all possibilities.

What characterises your Ayana and Fischer Möbel collection?

Hans Wijnhoff: “Each piece in both collections is a mix of innovative material use and original design. Our outdoor furniture collections are specially made to withstand the elements. Ayana Outdoor and Fischer Möbel represent high-end designer outdoor furniture, with quality, comfort, design and price being in perfect balance.”

What was the thought behind starting your brand Ayana Outdoor?

“Ayana Outdoor’s vision is to transform every outdoor area into a unique place that is both attractive and comfortable. Ayana Outdoor is an exclusive lifestyle brand that releases outdoor furniture characterised by a perfect combination of innovative design, comfort and quality. Ayana Outdoor was founded in 2010 with the belief that it should be possible to produce high-quality products at reputable production companies in Indonesia. Production takes place under supervision of the Dutch Ayana team.”

What is the strength of your concept?

“The bundling of various partners and brands makes it possible to present a complete picture of an inspiring outdoor area.”