“German quality, design, function and comfort, that's Frommholz in a nutshell”

What characterises Frommholz’ furniture?

Frank van Mullem: “Frommholz creates real German quality furniture and is also highly developed in technical terms. As a result, the furniture has many interesting features. We have our own fabric collection that we continuously experiment with. Quality, in every area, is very important to us. Frommholz has aways had a classic collection. These days the company has added a more modern and design-oriented approach. It is a traditional family business, with now the sixth generation, Gero-Walter Frommholz, at the helm.”

How do you collaborate with customers that visit your showroom?

“First of all, customers will come up to us and say they like a particular sofa or armchair. Subsequently, we focus on seating comfort. At Frommholz, there are many options to customise the comfort of our furniture: seat height, seat depth, pillow stuffing, footrests, neck rests, adjustable arms… everything is possible!”

What aspects should a customer take into account when purchasing seating furniture?

“Design and seating comfort. Both should go hand in hand. In the past, people sat up straight in their chair watching the fireplace or TV. These days, people sit in front of their laptop or with a tablet on the couch. This means that living styles are completely different now, and the design should reflect that.”

Does Frommholz strive for sustainable production?

“Definitely. Frommholz was already focussing on sustainable production before it came into fashion. Proper interaction between humans and the environment is part of the family’s DNA and is thus anchored in the company.”

How did you start as an agent?

“My father was also an interior agent and I started work in his shop. Since then, I have always worked as an agent for various international companies.”

Why did you decide to exhibit at ETC Design Center Europe?

“We’ve participated in ETC Design Center Europe for a very long time now, and have always occupied the same stand. The major advantage of this is that everyone knows where to find us. Over time, ETC Design Center Europe has become more and more a designer centre and I believe it will continue to develop further in this direction in the future. The level of the presentations and exhibitors will only increase over time. Besides professionals, consumers can also experience our beautiful brand up close. The centre offers a lot for lovers of beautiful interiors and quality furniture.”