“We guarantee high quality, from production to delivery.”

How was the company founded?

Gerdjan Brunnenkreef: “We actually consist of two different companies. One company is called Cerati and the other VivaFloors. For 5 years now, VivaFloors produces and supplies PVC floors for home decorators and floor companies throughout the Netherlands. These floors are intended for projects, as well as for the private market. We produce all our products ourselves and produce in-house in Asia. We try to produce our products as true to nature as possible, making them look like real wooden or concrete floors. Our other company, Cerati, has been supplying unique stone walls and floor coverings since 2012.”

What makes the products of VivaFloors and Cerati unique?

“VivaFloors produces floors in-house, allowing us to make quick decisions. We follow the latest trends and developments and have a wide, but orderly collection. We also keep plenty of stock of the items in our warehouse. Usually, we are able to offer next day delivery.
Cerati consists of thin layers of natural stone. Using a special technique, these layers are removed from a block of natural stone. This allows the stone to bend somewhat, which results in plenty of interesting applications. It is also very light, which creates the unique appearance of natural stone without the constraints of traditional natural stone (which is very heavy). It is available in two variants: with either a PVC back or cotton back.”

What are the advantages of PVC floors?

“PVC is very durable, maintenance-friendly, soundproofed and works well with underfloor heating. It can even be placed on top of tiles with heating installed under them. PVC guides heat very well, making the warmth of underfloor heating pass through well. It has many advantages over laminate or real wood.”

Why did you decide to exhibit at ETC Design Center Europe?

“Initially, to get name recognition among architects. Now they come to us. We have the time and opportunity to show our entire collection to visitors of our stand. Moreover, each year there are new visitors, so we continue to meet new customers”.

What does the future of your company look like?

“VivaFloors will always continue developing new products. We also expect the growth that VivaFloors has seen over the past 5 years to continue.
In terms of Cerati, our aim is to increase brand awareness”.