BVO Floors

“Beautiful living starts with a proper foundation.”

Beautiful living starts with a proper foundation… BVO Floors’ motto says it all. A carefully selected wooden floor forms the basis for any interior. Regardless of your style of living, the right wooden floor validates any chosen atmosphere.

Wood as a floor covering has been applied for centuries and has proved itself in that way. It is durable, brings warmth to an interior, is extremely versatile and easily fits into any living trend.

BVO Floors is led by the driven couple Bas and Priscilla van Oosterbos. Bas is not just your point of contact for advice at ETC Design Center Europe, but he is also qualified as a Master Parquet Installer. This is the highest achievable degree of professional competence in the industry. Together with their team, BVO Floors presents wooden floors with a strong vision: timeless beauty with modern convenience. Sustainable in production and lifespan, and installed with high precision.

Our technical knowledge with regards to sub and intermediate floors, floor heating and cooling system, glue etc. is always up to date. Our goal is to relieve our customers of their worries, and be of added value to our on-site building partners.

In addition to wooden floors, BVO Floors can also advise you on leather floors and wall coverings and three-dimensional wooden wall coverings.

Delivering quality is not a goal, but a logical consequence.