“A custom made approach is key to our business.”

What characterises your company?

“The combination of carpets and beds make our company versatile. Our flexibility and the different companies we collaborate with is also very special. We can create virtually anything on demand. All our products are custom made, which is highly important to our customers. Our beds are produced in central Netherlands. They are made using only natural materials, such as biological cotton, New-Zeeland wool, horsehair, flax and camel wool. The advantage of natural materials is that they ensure ventilation during the summer months and insulation during the winter months.”

Could you tell us something about the production of Bomat carpets?

“Bomat Rug Creations is a Belgian company with three production areas in India, employing about five hundred people. Mr. Bekaert and his Indian colleague are the owners.

All the heavy production work – such as the weaving and tufting – is done by men. At the same time, women are also very much part of the production process. They are mainly widows who have been cast out by their families. Bomat takes care of these women and gives them work and housing. These women are mainly involved in creating steel material and spools that are used for the looms. All employees are employed under a permanent contract, which is something unique in India.

Bomat Rug Creations’ total range currently consists of 163 different collections. Bomat produces both smaller rugs and room-wide carpets.”

What characterises the Suledo brand?

“We are able to create our high-quality products thanks to the use of craftsmanship and natural materials. The mattress consists of a feathered core, which is surrounded by flax, cotton, wool, horsehair and camel wool. The durable material and stylish design guarantee many years of sleeping comfort.”

Why did you decide to exhibit at ETC Design Center Europe?

“We’ve been here since 2008. During that period, there was a change in the way people conducted business. Because we didn’t have our own showroom, we decided to present our products at the Expo. We’ve certainly never regretted that decision. On the contrary, we believe it’s very important that 100 different suppliers are given the opportunity to present their products together. The owner (Len de Koster, red.) is vert selective in accepting new exhibitors. This makes ETC Design Center Europe especially interesting for wholesalers and architects.”

What does the future of the profession look like?

“We believe ETC Design Center Europe is the concept of the future. We also visited the Design Center in New York, which was a fascinating experience! All top suppliers were present there. Many Americans visit this fair with their designers and create their full interior at the Design Center. We are seeing similar things happening at ETC Design Center Europe. Architects and retailers can offer their customers a varied range of interior design objects here.”