Aura Peeperkorn Interiors

“Love your interior and make it a part of yourself!”

Michelle van Deurzen: “Who am I to have a single vision of how people should decorate their homes? I like to help and present ideas, but I never provide ready-made solutions. I collect beautiful objects, each with their own story. Everyone can then combine them to their liking.

Her atmospheric, illuminated showroom in Culemborg exudes peace and tranquillity. A wide variety of furniture and accessories, but all with a robust appearance. We choose different textures, of various materials and varied colours.

“Dare to combine and have the nerve to do something new. Interiors in living and lifestyle magazines are intended as inspiration and should never be directly copied. For example, don’t be afraid to place a unique object in your tight, white interior. And above all: love your interior and allow it to be a part of yourself!”