Alra Design

“Textile expertise, craftsmanship and personal service are the basis for the confidence that many customers have in us.”

What is the background of the company?

Didier Albertyn: “Alra Design has been around for many generations and has grown into its current form thanks to years of experience in the textile industry. Leading English and German fabric brands are the basis of our collection. Whereas in the past upholsterers formed an important part of our clientele, in recent years decorators and project developers have become increasingly important to us.

Why is expertise important?

“After we founded the company, we were surprised to find out that many customers were not familiar with the technical aspects of the fabric. Martindale, light fastness, tensile strength etc. were unknown terms to many customers. This often caused problems, resulting in many complaints. To prevent this, we provide technical information and aim to optimally guide our customers. Moreover, Alra Design always chooses materials that meet all the minimum requirements. This approach has proven to be very rewarding for our company.”

Why did you choose to participate in ETC Design Center Europe ?

“Several customers who regularly visit the Expo told us about the event. Over the years, the Expo has proven to be the ideal place to meet and serve our customers.”

What does the future of the profession look like?

“We are so not convinced of online sales. A customer doesn’t only want to see the fabric, but they also want to touch it. In addition, our personal guidance is very important. In spite of the fact that ETC Design Center Europe will continue to be valuable in the future, many customers greatly value regular visits to their homes/offices. Personal contact is therefore a necessity in our line of work. ETC Design Center Europe mainly offers us the opportunity to meet new people.”